Infinity Sphere

White Marble (Medium, 26cm)


Please note this statue is to order directly from artist. It may take artist 2-3 month to create and ship this piece to you.

Infinity Circle - White Marble

A truly special, magnificent piece. Our new artist Sikander has crafted an abstract, modern, infinity inspired circle out of pure marble. The infinity symbol can represent many different ideas. For example, the cycle of life, as well as  signifying the concept of limitless or eternity. It can also carry the meaning of regeneration and eternal life after death. The symbol can even represent undying love, or an enduring bond. So many different interpretations can be formed from this work, surely of which you have your own. Which just adds to its depth and richness. It is such a precious, balanced and masterful work. 

About Sikander

Artist Sikander is based in a small village near Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. He makes exquisite designs with quite significant messages. He works generally with white marble and black granite to produce abstract and modern designs. His way of expression through this abstract form is rather different to the traditional style. So he separates himself from other more traditional Indian Artists. 


Artist - Sikander

Origin - Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Dimensions - 26cm(h) x 26cm(l) x 26cm(w)

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