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Mystik River

Infinity Sphere - White Marble (20 cm / 24 cm)

Infinity Sphere - White Marble (20 cm / 24 cm)

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Carved entirely out of white marble, “Infinity Sphere” is a re-imagination of the well known infinity sign within the contours of a spherical sculpture.

The infinity symbol, renowned for its eternal loop, embodies limitless potential, balance between opposites, and the continuity of life. Within A. Sikander’s spherical rendition, the symbol takes on a new dimension, evoking a sense of cosmic unity and wholeness.

"Infinity Sphere" serves as a focal point for introspection: as viewers engage with its graceful curves and seamless design, they are invited to contemplate the infinite cycles of existence and the interconnected nature of all things.


About the Artist -  A. Sikander

Hailing from a quaint village adjacent to Udaipur in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan, India, A. Sikander stands as a distinguished artist within the Mystik River collective. His expertise lies in the realm of modern art, where he skillfully employs black and white marble to craft exquisite designs imbued with profound spiritual messages. Setting himself apart from his peers, Sikander's unique expression takes shape through abstract forms, deviating from the traditional Indic style.

Among his many masterpieces, notable works such as the "Infinity Sphere" and "Mother & Child" stand as testaments to his creative prowess. Sikander's distinctive approach adds a modern dimension to our collection, enriching the spectrum of artistic expression within the Mystik River family.



Artist: A. Sikander

Origin: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Year: 2023

Dimensions: 25cm (h) 25cm (l) 25cm (w) OR  20cm (h) 20cm (l) 20cm (w)

Weight: 10.7 kg OR 9.3 kg

Note: With all hand-made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, which adds to the uniqueness of the pieces that we offer here at Mystik River.

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