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Mystik River

Linked Chain - White Marble 11cm

Linked Chain - White Marble 11cm

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The "Linked Chain" sculpture is a beautifully carved marble piece featuring three interconnected links. Inspired by the Buddhist concept of the Endless Knot, also known as the Infinity Knot or Eternal Knot, this sculpture symbolizes the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, the interconnectedness of all things, and the concept of karma.

The Twelve-Linked Chain of Causation

The twelve-linked chain of causation, also called Nidāna, explains the cause and effect relationship between ignorance and suffering. Each link in the chain leads to the next, starting with ignorance and ending with aging and death. The links are:

  1. Ignorance (avidyā)
  2. Action (samskāra)
  3. Consciousness (vijnāna)
  4. Name and form (nāma-rūpa)
  5. Six sense organs (shad-āyatana)
  6. Contact (sparsha)
  7. Sensation (vedanā)
  8. Desire (trishnā)
  9. Attachment (upadāna)
  10. Existence (bhava)
  11. Birth (jāti)
  12. Aging and death (jarā-marana)

In one view, this chain shows the cycle of suffering: ignorance leads to action, action leads to consciousness, and so on, until birth leads to aging and death. In another view, it shows the path to liberation: eliminating ignorance stops the chain, leading to freedom from suffering and the attainment of nirvana.


About the Artist - A. Sikander

Hailing from a quaint village adjacent to Udaipur in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan, India, A. Sikander stands as a distinguished artist within the Mystik River collective. His expertise lies in the realm of modern art, where he skillfully employs black and white marble to craft exquisite designs imbued with profound spiritual messages. Setting himself apart from his peers, Sikander's unique expression takes shape through abstract forms, deviating from the traditional Indic style.

Among his many masterpieces, notable works such as the "Infinity Sphere" and "Mother & Child" stand as testaments to his creative prowess. Sikander's distinctive approach adds a modern dimension to our collection, enriching the spectrum of artistic expression within the Mystik River family.


Artist - A. Sikander

Origin - Rajasthan, India

Medium - White Marble

Year - 2023

Dimensions - 11 (height) x 32cm (length) x 2cm (width)

Weight - 2.6 kg


Note: With all hand-made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, which adds to the uniqueness of the pieces that we offer here at Mystik River.

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