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Mystik River

Sitting Buddha - Rose Quartz (24cm)

Sitting Buddha - Rose Quartz (24cm)

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A beautifully carved Buddha, sitting in meditation posture, elevated on top of a lotus flower. Buddha's right hand is in Abhaya Mudra, known as the gesture of blessing, peace, benevolence and the dispelling of fear. A hand folded in the lap signifies meditation.

The lotus flower is an iconic image in Buddhist tradition, symbolising purity, growth and transcendence. In early Buddhist iconography, the lotus flower would also represent abundance and prosperity. Placing the Buddha on top of a lotus flower represents Buddha's spiritual perfection and purity, being the enlightened one. 


Rose Quartz has been associated with properties such as lowering stress, as well as clearing out anger or jealousy. Known as a romance stone it is famous for radiating energy of love and passion. Depending on the intention you project, it is said that Rose Quartz crystal has the power to strengthen love bonds, reignite passion, heal broken hearts and even attract new love.


Ram Kumar is the artist behind some of our most incredible masterpieces here at Mystik River Gallery. Ram Kumar’s sculptures are inspired by Indian and Tibetan Gods and Goddesses. Following on from his father Mr. Hanuman and grandfather, both accomplished artists in their time, Ram has continued the family tradition. Ram works predominantly with semi-precious stones and high grade crystals.


Artist: Ram Kumar
Origin: Rajasthan, India
Year: 2023
Medium: Rose Quartz
Dimensions: 24cm (h), 14cm (l), 8cm (w)
Weight: 2.75 kg

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