Collection: Indian Statue Collection

A few may be aware of the power and glory of Indian art and history. Indeed, its origin is traced all the way back to Indus valley civilization, around 3500 BC. Today, we witness country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage through what remains of ancient art practices and contemporary artist who carry on the tradition.

 Early Indian art find its expression through a variety of shapes and mediums similar to its rich history. Rock art, ‘ageless’ terracotta goddess figures, seals, pottery, scroll paintings, miniatures, sculptures, panels, among other describe a variety of Indian art form. Among these, the art of Indian sculpting emerged to gain significant momentum. Image-making through sculpture played a pivotal role in spiritual devotion across India’s religions.

Our collection offers an opportunity to experience the ancient tradition of Indian art, by connecting audience with origins of artworks and by sharing the energy that our pieces carry. Whether classic or contemporary the works are imbued with their own individuality and beauty, both powerful and significant.