Collection: Ganesha Statues

Our gallery delivers an exquisite collection of Ganesha statues handmade by our fabulous artist group. Rooted in Hindu philosophy, each carved following the ancient tradition of Indian sculpting. Our artist delivers the most intricate statues that truly celebrates Lord Ganesha. From R. Mani, V. Sompura and Ram Kumar you will find Ganesha carved in white marble, granite, soft stone as well as more semi-precious stones and crystals.

Lord Ganesh is a son of Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati. Clearly distinguished by his elephant head, Ganesh is a symbol of perseverance, protection, well-being, health, and prosperity. In India, Lord Ganesh is followed by every religion as a welcoming gesture or an introductory deity to start a new chapter in life (job, new house, wedding, etc.). Symbolically, the rat, which is his vahan or vehicleis a representation of chaos, while a bloated tummy depicts accepting all inhibitions and negativities. Truly, Lord Ganesh brings joys and unlimited bliss to our lives.